Mayor Moniz 2014We’re talking about the Western Energy Corridor.

It is time for a more integrated approach to address the challenges and opportunities of the water-energy nexus.” — U.S. Dept. of Energy

August 18-19, 2015

Shilo Hotel and Keefer’s Island Conference Center, Idaho Falls, ID

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Tickets now on sale for $239! (Certain categories are lower — click here for details and to register.) Includes four full meals over two days, plus a reception featuring a special welcome and brief presentation by the Center for Advanced Energy Studies on Aug. 18.

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 The 2015 IES on the “water-energy nexus” will focus on the Intermountain region’s role in developing what Sen. Lisa Murkowski calls “a focused and well-coordinated public-private approach to the energy-water nexus issues (that) can promote economic growth and lead to new breakthrough technologies in water and energy resiliency.”

Featured speakers:

cw16-jonathan-weisgall-2415434 Jonathan Weisgall, Vice President, Berkshire Hathaway Energy

Mike Simpson mug Rep. Mike Simpson, Chairman House Appropriations Subcommittee on Water and Energy.

McGinn small mug Dennis V. McGinn, Assistant Secretary of the Navy – Energy, Installations and Environment

Lek_Kadeli EPA Acting Assistant Administrator Lek Kadeli 

Lynn Orr Dr. Lynn Orr, DOE Undersecretary for Science and Energy

Kotek mug John Kotek, Acting Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, DOE (effective July 1)

Svinicki mug NRC Commissioner Kristine Svinicki

James Hill mug James K. Hill, Canadian Consul General-Seattle

Hochschild mugCalifornia Energy Commissioner David Hochschild

Moller-Greg Greg Möller, Ph.D., University of Idaho

Ogsbury Western Governors Association Director James Ogsbury

Greg-Delwiche Greg Delwiche, Deputy Administrator, Bonneville Power Administration

Risch, Jim-012109-18420- 0009 U.S. Sen. James Risch

Dr. Suzanne van Drunick, National Director, EPA Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research Program

Others include:

Richard Boardman, INL
Dennis Gilles, U.S. Geothermal
Mike Hagood, INL/CAES
Steve Aumeier, INL/CAES
Mike McGough, NuScale
Wayne Heili, Uranium Producers Association
Byron Woertz, Western Electricity Coordinating Council
Bill Gern, UW VP Research
Pam Barrow, Director, Energy, Environmental & Sustainability, Northwest Food Processors Association
Jack McIver, UI VP Research
Britt Ide, Ide Law & Strategy
David Manning, Director Stakeholder and Community Relations, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Ron Faibish, Senior Advisor at the Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy (ARPA-E).

   And, watch this space for new speakers as they confirm! The IES is a PowerPoint-free zone.

 Sponsors at the $5,000 level and higher are invited to the Sponsors and Speakers dinner on Aug. 18.

California is not unique in experiencing a destructive feedback loop in which declining water resources are devoted to energy production, and energy is required to transport water where it is increasingly scarce. Throughout much of the U.S. and the world, we manage water and energy as if they were unrelated. In reality, they are Siamese twins.”

-Carl Pope, Sierra Club

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